There are more than150 employees in School of Architecture in 2014, among which 111 are high- educated teachers. There are 29 professors, 45 associate professors and 37 lecturers;32 doctoral tutors (including 5 part-time doctoral tutors) and 64 master tutors. More than 40% of teachers have study and working experiences in oversea universities and research institutions in developed countries such as USA., UK, France, German, Japan, and so on.

Undergraduate Education and Professional Settings

In School of Architecture, we have four undergraduate programs including Architecture, Urban-rural Planning, Landscape, and Art Design, of which we have more than 800 domestic and overseas students in 2014. In 1994, the Architecture subject gained A-class in the nationally professional assessment of undergraduate education,  in 1998 did the Urban-rural Planning subject. In 1995, we began to recruit undergraduates of Art Design,in 2009 we started the undergraduate enrollment of Landscape Architecture subject .

Professional Settings of Undergraduate

Architecture             Five years            Bachelor of Architecture

Urban-rural Planning      Five years            Bachelor of Engineering

Landscape Architecture    Five years            Bachelor of Engineering

Art Design              Four years            Bachelor of Art

Postgraduate Education and Awarded Degrees

In 1998 School of Architecture set up the Postdoctoral Scientific Station of the Architecture subject , in 2012 the Postdoctoral Scientific Station of Urban-rural Planning was established. There are more than 400 Ph.Ds, postgraduates,  oversea students in School of Architecture in 2014.

Academic degree of Ph.D. , Master of the following subjects can be awarded in School of Architecture

1. Ph.D

Architecture                        Doctor of Engineering

Urban-rural Planning                 Doctor of Engineering

Landscape and Gardening             Doctor of Engineering

2. Master Degree

Architecture                                     Master of Architecture

Urban-rural Planning                                Master of Engineering

Landscape & Gardening                         Master of Engineering

Design & Art                                           Master of Engineering

Architecture (Professional Diploma)             Master of Architecture

Urban Planning (Professional Diploma)           Master of Urban Planning

Landscape & Gardening (Professional Diploma)    Master of Landscape & Gardening

3. Professional Master Degree of Part Time

Architecture & Civil Engineering                Project Master

Landscape & Gardening                       Master of Landscape & Gardening

Teaching Institutions

1. Department of Architecture

2. Department of Urban-Rural Planning

3. Department of Landscape Architecture

4. Department of Art Design

5. Department of Building Technology & Science

Research Centers

1、Research Center of Architectural Design and Theory

2、Research Center of Architecture Technology Science

3、Research Center of Architecture History and Theory

4、Research Center of Urban-rural Planning

5、Research Center of Landscape Architecture

6、Research Center of Art Design

7、Asia Research Center of Davos Global Risk Forum

8、HIT-UCB/IURD Joint Research Center of Sustainable Urban Development

9、Sino-Dutch Research Center for Building in Extreme Climates

Research Direction

The School of Architecture has a young, vibrant and enterprising group for teaching and research with reasonable structure and distinctive features in undergraduate teaching, postgraduate training, and scientific research. It has formed its own academic features in different aspects of regional architectural design, architectural history and theory, public buildings design, architectural technology, urban-rural planning and urban design, landscape and gardening, environmental art design, with an emphasis on cold region.

International Cooperation

The School of Architecture continues the historical characteristics of an international school to carry out a wide range of academic exchange. Since 2010 we established cooperative relationship with over 40 venerable prestigious universities and academic research and design institutions in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Russia, Japan, and South Korea. University of Sheffield in UK is our oversea collaborative base. We invited over 190 oversea experts, held over 10 international research conferences, and signed cooperation agreements with 15 renowned oversea architecture schools and institutions.


The Architectural Design and Research Institute of HIT, and Urban Planning and Design Institute of HIT are our teaching and practice bases. The School of Architecture collaborating together with Architectural Design and Research Institute founded the magazine of Urbanism and Architecture. Shenzhen Graduate School also recruits masters and doctors in major of Architecture, Urban-rural Planning, and Landscape Architecture. 

In the new historical period, the School of Architecture, Architectural Design and Research Institute and Shenzhen Graduate School will sincerely cooperate with each other, share complementary resource and talents to create a new situation of architectural discipline development.