GUO Haibo


Name: GUO Haibo
Research and Teaching Interests:Low Carbon Architecture and Urban Planning

Social Orgnization:

2009-2012, Ph.D., School of Architecture, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2005-2008, M. Arch., School of Architecture, HIT
2000-2005, B. Arch., School of Architecture, HIT
Fundamentals of architecture Design
Research Projects:
[1] 2011-2013. Research on Architectural Technologies of Cold Region.Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province, China(Grant No. E201035)
[2] 2012-2013. Research on Development of Low carbon industry in Heilongjiang Province. Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Industry and Information Committee(Grant No. GXW2010060)
[3] 2013-2015. Research on Low Carbon and Ecological Technologies of Cold Region Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province, China(Grant No. QC2012C120)
[4] 2015-2017. Study on the relationship between urban spatial morphology and carbon emissions in Heilongjiang Province. Supported by Postdoctoral Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province.
[5] 2015-2016. Research on Low Carbon Urban Space Ttechnologies of Cold Regions in China. Supported by the fundamental Research Funds for the central university.

Journal Papers:
[1] Guo Haibo*, Zhang Lingling, Fan Xinyu. Strategies For City Ecology Restoration Based On Theories OfUrban Plan. Advanced in Civi Engineering and Architecture, Vol.243-249, P6644-6649, 2011.(EI, Accession number:20112314046045)
[2] Guo Haibo*, Zhu Ying, Wang Zheng. Low Carbon Strategies For Industry Energy Plan Of Heilongjiang Province. Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Vol.361-363, P1009-1012,2011.(EI, Accession number:20114514502964)
[3] Guo Haibo*, Fan Xinyu. Low Carbon-Oriented Methords For Urban Plan Based On Ecological Technologies. Architecture and Building Material, Vol.99-100, P 577-581, 2011. (EI, Accession number:20114114408128)
[4] Guo Haibo*, Zhang Lingling. Landscape Pattern Evaluation for Urban Plan of Panjin New City, Liaoning Province. Advanced Materials Research, Vol.518-523, P5931-5934, 2012. (EI, Accession number:20122315090246)
[5] Guo Haibo*, Zhang Lingling. Ecological Suitability Evaluation For Urban Plan Of Panjin New City, Liaoning Province. Apllied Mechanics and Materials, Vol.174-177, P2467-2471, 2012. (EI, Accession number:20122315092538)
[6] Guo Haibo*, Zhang Lingling.Research on Land Carbon Equilibrium of New City during Initial Stage of Urban Plan: A Case in Panjin New City, China, Advanced Materials Research, 2013.(EI)
[7] Cai xindong*, Guohaibo. Periodical Urban Morphology Evolution Research Of Representative City In Songhua River Basin. Advanced in Civi Engineering and Architecture,Vol.250-253, P2872-2876, 2011.(EI, Accession number: 20112314040346)
Selected Conference Proceedings:
[1] Lei Shao, The Problems and Trends in Historical City Conservation - A Beijing Case Study, the 2ed Central Asia historical city planning and protection conferences (Mar. 2005), Samarkand
[1] Junhua Lv, Lei Shao, the Exploratory Program of Urban Historical Area Preservation: Renewal Project of Dilapidated and Old Housing in Nanchizi, Tsinghua University Press, 2003



[1] Third Class Award, Jiangsu Province Excellent Engineering Design Competition, 2007

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