Name: LIAN Fei
Title:Lecturer, Graduate Advisor
Research and Teaching Interests:Design for the Senior, Evidence-Based Design, Extension Architectural Programming
Dr. Fei Lian has been a Lecturer in Department of Architecture at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). She was awarded her BArch. from HIT in 2005. During the MA-PHD combined program in HIT, she charged for an important part of a General Program supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and focuses her research on “Theory and Methods of Extension Architectural Programming”. In 2010 she completed her doctoral dissertation which got Level A assessment and received a MArch. and PhD.. She was also invited as a Visiting Scholar at Texas A&M University, USA, from 2013-2014. Dr. Lian’s research interests follow three main themes: facilities for Senior living, Evidence-based Design, Extension Architectural Programming. She is in charge of one research project supported by the Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, and one supported by Harbin Institute of Technology Scientific Research Innovation Fund. Also, as a chief partner, she takes part in two General Programs supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. She has authored and co-authored a number of papers in peer reviewed journals and International conferences. She is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of a book series “Environmental planning & design”. She writes a book section of “Standards for Architectural Design Data” (Volume 6). She has also taken part in a wide range of projects from small installations to large urban design.
Social Orgnization:
[1] Member, Architectural Programming committee,China architects' division of the Architectural Society, 2014-Present
[2] Member, Extension Engineering Specialized Committee, Chinese Association Of Artificial Intelligence, 2011-Present
[3] Associate Editor-in-Chief, “Environmental planning & design” (EP+D), 2013-Present
2013-2016, Postdoctor Fellow, School of Architecture, South China University of Technology, China
2013-2014, Visiting Scholar, Center for Health Systems & Design,Texas A&M University, the United States
2007-2010, Ph.D., School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology,
2005-2007, M. Arch., School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
2000-2005, B. Arch., School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology,
Studio Dwelling
A Monographic Study on Architectural Theories (English Course)
Basic of Architecture Design
Research Projects:
[1] The Study on Intelligent Architectural Programming for the Senior Facilities basing on Extension Architectural Programming Theory. The Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education( 20132302120050). 2014-2016.
[2] The Study on Theory and Methods of Extension Architectural Programming Focusing on Intelligent Creative Problem Solving. Harbin Institute of Technology Scientific Research Innovation Fund(HIT.NSRIF.2014074). 2013-2015
Journal Papers:
[1] Fei Lian, Guangtian Zou. Theory and Methods on Tactics Generation of Extension Architectural Programming Facing to Artificial Intelligence. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2012(236-237): 659-665 (EI: 20130115849607)
[2] Fei Lian, Guangtian Zou. Solving contradiction and seeking innovation: Exploration and analysis of Extension Architectural Programming theory. New Architecture. 2010(3): 79-81
[3] Fei Lian, Guangtian Zou. Dependence and Transformation of Conjugate, Transforming for Innovation: Conjugate Methods and Tactics Creation of Extension Architectural Programming. Huazhong Architecture. 2010(2): 97-99
[4] Fei Lian, Guangtian Zou. Strategy Innovation in Extension Architectural Programming. Urban Architecture. 2009(11): 123-124
Selected Conference Proceedings:
[1] Fei Lian, Indoor and Outdoor Space Organization for Dementia Care Units. The 11th International Symposium on Environment-Behavior Research. 2014
[2] F. Lian, GT. Zou Primary research on Intelligent Extension Architectural Programming basing on Extension Big Data Mining. Communications in Cybernetics, Systems Science and Engineering. 2013 (EI: 20135117090702)
[3] Fei Lian, Guangtian Zou. Tactics generation methods in sensory environment of architectural space programming. Proceedings on the 10th International Symposium for Environment Behavior Studies. 2012
[4] Lian Fei, Zou Guangtian. The analysis and solving of contradictory problems in architectural site programming. 2012 International Conference on Electric Technology and Civil Engineering. 2012

[1] Architectural Programming and Design on Beijing Meiyan International Senior Apartment. 2012.05-2012.07
[2] Urban Design on Tongsan Highway in Harbin, 2010.04-2010.06
[3] Urban Design on Xinjiang Street & Youxie Street. 2009.10-2009.12
[4] Urban Design on City Beian. 2009.07-2010.06
[5] Architectural Programming and Design on Daling Holiday Garden in Harbin. 2009.06

[1] Prominent Teacher of Harbin Institute of Technology in 2014
[2] Advanced Individual of School of Architecture in 2013
[3] International Competition Prize as a Design Tutor: Air Monument: Atmosphere Database. Honorable Mention. 2015 Skyscraper Competition (Evolo 2015). Honorable Mention.

Telephone Number:0451-86281358
Address:Room 133, 66 Xidazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin
Post Code:150006